Listen to Google’s first artificially-created song


Google’s Brain Team (yes, that’s actually a thing) just introduced a brand new project named Magenta. The goal? Using machine learning to create compelling art and music.

Now, you can listen to a song Magenta composed:

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“We don’t know what artists and musicians will do with these new tools, but we’re excited to find out,” Google writes. “Look at the history of creative tools. Daguerre and later Eastman didn’t imagine what Annie Liebovitz or Richard Avedon would accomplish in photography. Surely Rickenbacker and Gibson didn’t have Jimi Hendrix or St. Vincent in mind. We believe that the models that have worked so well in speech recognition, translation and image annotation will seed an exciting new crop of tools for art and music creation.”

David Cope, a retired professor at the University of California-Santa Cruz told the Washington Post that composers will eventually use artificial intelligence to assist their music-writing efforts.

He cites the exponential growth of computing power, which has been doubles every two years. “It’s going to rampage through the film music industry,” Cope said. “It’s going to happen just as cars happened and we didn’t have the horse and buggy anymore.”

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