Great New Courtney Barnett Video Features Cameos from Sleater-Kinney And Jeff Tweedy

Courtney Barnett blasted onto the scene last year with her breakthrough album Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit. The critically acclaimed album revealed an artist with a sophisticated but direct sense of lyricism, combined with a natural feel for rootsy musical idioms and an oddly laconic vocal delivery.

Barnett’s been busy this year touring and working on other projects like the Grateful Dead tribute CD for AIDS research, Day Of The Dead. So she’s still churning out videos to support last year’s album, and a new one came out this week. It’s a riot.

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“Elevator Operator” is a relentless little number about unfulfilled expectations, delivered with attitude and plenty of wit. I love her Dylanesque shopping-list observational style, this is pretty funny stuff:

Headphone wielding to the Nicholas building
He trips on a pothole that’s not been filled in
He waits for an elevator, one to nine
A lady walks in and waits by his side
Her heels are high and her bag is snakeskin
Hair pulled so tight you can see her skeleton
Vickers perfume on her breath
A tortoise shell necklace between her breasts
She looks him up and down with a botox frown
He’s well used to that look by now
The elevator dings and they awkwardly step in
Their fingers touch on the rooftop button
Don’t jump little boy, don’t jump off that roof
You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, you’re still in your youth
I’d give anything to have skin like you

The video features Ms. Barnett as the elevator operator herself, delivering a rogue’s gallery of passengers. The members of Sleater-Kinney appear as a hopelessly lost group of tourists, while Jeff Tweedy is a guy playing chess who hands the elevator operator a banana. Good thing there’s never been a rule that videos had to make sense.

There are other cameos but I couldn’t really identify the other (I’m guessing mostly Aussie) artists. Either way it’s a pretty damn entertaining five and a half minutes, hope you enjoy it.


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