Watch: Arcade Fire’s Will Butler plays drum with a fan’s shoe

willbutlerconcertArcade Fire returned to the stage for the first time in two years on Tuesday for a show in Barcelona and wound up producing a unique rock moment.

While performing “Rebellion (Lies)” for a boisterous crowd, Will Butler decided to throw aside the stick he had been using to play a drum and try to use a fan’s shoe instead. Butler attempted to grab the shoe of a fan sitting on a nearby ledge but was at unsuccessful at first as the fan pulled away. Butler tried it again with a second fan, who was more willing to play along.

Butler picked up the shoe after it flew into the crowd, then proceeded to play the drum with it. Check it out below at around the 4:30 mark:

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Butler threw the shoe back to the fan once he was done. Imagine telling that story for years to come if you were the “lucky” shoe-giving fan.

Arcade Fire will also be playing multiple festival dates this summer.

(h/t Consequence of Sound)

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