Bob Dylan’s first-ever radio interview unearthed from radio archives


This is one of my favorite finds recently. The Pacifica Radio Archives just unearthed Bob Dylan’s first-ever radio interview. It happened a few months before his first album, Bob Dylan, was due out. “It’s pretty strange,” Dylan said of the release.

In the interview, Dylan talks about a song he wrote during his days working on a carnival (a song he could no longer remember).

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He also talks about how he got by: “I played the harmonica (at a coffeehouse) for a guy. He used to give me a dollar to play every day with him from 2 o’clock in the afternoon until 8:30 at night. He gave me a dollar plus a cheeseburger.”

“I’m never going to become rich and famous,” he says at the end of the interview. Then this gem: “Sometimes, I can go about two weeks without making up a song.” Check it out:

3 comments to “Bob Dylan’s first-ever radio interview unearthed from radio archives”
  1. I hate to admit this but, was able to see Bob about a week ago. While I enjoyed my time with a legend, my wife and I left early. Does that make us bad people?

    • Hey Chris, I’ve seen many long-time Dylan fans leave his concerts early, disappointed. His concert philosophy is not exactly “keep the customer satisfied”.

  2. This old interview is an amazing historic artifact. He hadn’t quite developed the Dylan persona yet, this quirky schlub from Minnesota.

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