You Didn’t Ask For It and Now Here It Is: More Trivia

spinaltapHere comes another round of head-scratchers. Get ready! You know the drill if you’d like to play.


1. The Grateful Dead’s original lead singer was commonly known as “Pigpen.” What was his actual name?

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2. Which actual Beatle appears in the classic 1978 mockumentary The Rutles: All You Need is Cash?

3. Speaking of Mockumentaries, which of these is not a Spinal Tap album (as mentioned in the film)?

Intravenus De Milo

Shark Sandwich

Fables of Gynecology

4, What Southern college town did Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (and by extension, Mudcrutch) call home?

5. In what year did Led Zeppelin officially disband?

As always, have a real cool time!

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