Mastodon Could Possibly Hit Us With A Double Album

mastodonI really don’t know how these guys do it. Troy Sanders (Bass/vocals) is in supergroup Gone Is Gone and Brent Hinds (guitar/vocals) formed Legend of the Seagullmen, as well as his newest creation Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, but it seems they’ve nailed down the members long enough, and to my surprise, we could be getting a Mastodon double album.

Brent Hinds spoke to Guitar World saying: “One is an album I wrote myself and recorded with Brann [Dailor, drums] and Troy [Sanders, bass and vocals] during the Once More ‘Round the Sun sessions.” He continues on his contributions to the project: “My part is called Cold Dark Place, and it has to do with a nasty breakup that I went through. I wrote some pretty dark, beautiful, spooky, funky, ethereal, melancholy music, which also sounds like the Bee Gees a little bit [laughs].”

Speaking on the other part of the Mastodon album, Hinds said: “The other guys are writing another album, which I haven’t even heard yet so I can’t tell you what it sounds like. But I’ll come in to give some noodle-y leads here and there. And for sure I’ll be recording with my new signature Flying V… while standing on top of a chair with a werewolf mask on. And that’s not a joke; I really do that. I never sit down to record. You can’t sit down and play a Flying V, everyone knows that.”

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With this news, I hold a cautious optimism. Their last release, 2014’s Once More Round The Sun, didn’t jive with me in a positive way. I guess you could say I found it to be their weakest release yet. With the two sides writing different pieces, will it sound like a mess? Only time will tell.

Photo credit: Psychomichael (talk) via Wikimedia Commons

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