Coldplay lets band tragically killed in car accident “headline” massive festival for 1 song

“It just reminded us of us,” Chris Martin said about up-and-coming indie rockers Viola Beach. Viola Beach had just signed their first record deal and embarked on their first world tour in February. They were excited. They were doing exactly what they’d dreamed of doing. Then, everyone in the band was tragically killed after their van plunged through a gap in a lift bridge.

“In the beginning of the year, maybe you read about a beautiful young band called Viola Beach,” Chris Martin said onstage at Glastonbury. “They got taken away and we as a band thought that was just the worst.”

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“And so we decided as a band, instead of playing Heroes tonight, we’re going to create Viola Beach’s alternate future for them and let them headline Glastonbury with their song.

“So Kris and Jack and River and Tomas and their manager Craig, this is what would have maybe been you in 20 years or so and I hope we do this song justice.” (via The Mirror)


Coldplay then launched into a cover of Viola Beach’s Boys That Sing. What a moving and remarkable tribute. It’s hard to watch without thinking about what might have been.

Check out Viola Beach’s other big hit, “Swings and Waterslides.”

Coldplay called on fans to send Boys that Sing “up the charts tomorrow.” Give them a listen, and pay tribute in some small way to a band that was taken away too soon.

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