Ultimate Classic Rock ranks the top 100 classic rock artists

beatlesIt’s not easy ranking the top 100 classic rockers of all time, but ultimateclassicrock.com recently gave it a try.

Their top ten was as follows:

10. Bruce Springsteen
9. Elton John
8. David Bowie
7. Van Halen
6. Pink Floyd
5. Bob Dylan
4. Jimi Hendrix
3. Led Zeppelin
2. The Rolling Stones
1. The Beatles

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Their top two are certainly no surprise. Of The Beatles, UCR said “Let’s just get this out of the way: Without the Beatles, most of the artists on this list wouldn’t even exist” and followed it up by saying of the Stones “Next to the Beatles, no group has done more for the history of classic rock than the Rolling Stones.”

What do you think? Is the top ten correct? Or would you have acts like Neil Young (11th), The Who (12th), Black Sabbath (14th), or The Doors (16th) ranked higher?

Click here to see the full list.

One comment to “Ultimate Classic Rock ranks the top 100 classic rock artists”
  1. Typical confusion from UCR. How do the Clash and Ramones and the Cars and Guns ‘n Roses qualify as Classic Rock? No Byrds, no Zombies, no Yardbirds — massive oversight. Rocknuts Top 100 List is way, way better.

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