Weekly Obsessions 6/6/16

pup-dreamisoverHey, campers! You guys ready to head out to the mess hall? We have arts and crafts, kickball, and then a spooky story contest by the fire. Get ready for a S’more party!

Okay, are you guys feeling summery yet? I actually had kind of a bad time at camp. I got a pretty bad rash on my face. I think my parents were bummed when they picked me up, like maybe they were hoping I would have figured some shit out during my month away. I was like 13, so maybe I figured out that Limp Bizkit was awesome, but I didn’t really learn anything that would later be useful in my adult life.

Speaking of my adult life, I am currently enjoying just that, and this week I am totally feeling The Dream is Over by the band PUP. Though tinged with melancholy lyrical content, the Canadian quartet’s sophomore album is still essential fast-tempo listening for promising weather. PUP delivers hefty hooks and shout-along choruses that read both brainy and bratty. What really sets the group apart, however, is the devotion to interesting guitar textures and sounds, as well as a refusal to rest comfortably within the safe and amniotic environment of “punk” or “hardcore.” It sort of brought the young Built to Spill to the forefront of this reviewer’s mind.  If that sounds pretty great, you’ve probably found your Weekly Obsession. Check out “The Coast.”

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As for something old…

Oh, here we go!

I am probably going to do a feature on the best live albums in the near future, so I’ve been listening to a lot of them lately. One of my all-time favorites as far as “slice-of-live” recordings go is the Grateful Dead’s classic Europe ’72. I don’t feel as though I need to explain why this is a worthwhile endeavor. Just listen, you impressionable reader, you.

See you in next week’s article, in which I correctly predict the endings of Game of Thrones and The Sopranos and only one is seen as “impressive.”

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