Song of the Day: Prince – “Creep” (Live at Coachella 2008)

It’s sad to say this given the fact that so many are still not over his death, but Prince Rogers Nelson would have turned 58 years old today. Here’s one of the best examples of what Prince was capable of when it came to rock music. As was the case with his other work, there was originally an attempt to try to get this performance (the first time he performed the song live) taken off the Internet. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke responded to that by saying “Tell him to unblock it. It’s our song.” The performance stayed online and even seemingly received a Twitter blessing from Prince, and it found plenty of newfound exposure upon his death. Some Radiohead fans/music listeners don’t seem to like this version; maybe it’s because he changes up the tempo and the lyrics, but I think find it absolutely fantastic and extremely powerful. If nothing else, it has two utterly blistering, spine-tingling must-hear guitar solos at 4:53 and 6:50. Prince’s music spanned across a wide variety of genres of course, but straight up rock might have been what he did as well as anything.

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