Bill Ward Readies New Band

It seems you can’t keep a good drummer down.

Bill Ward announced on his Facebook page that he’s forming post-Black Sabbath band Day of Errors. The announcement read, “In the desire to have my drumming spirit continue to live, I’m pleased to say that I’ve helped to create a new three-piece band called “Day of Errors,” accompanied by two guest musicians playing keyboards and percussion. We play loud, hard, with overtures of gut-kicking heavy, heavy parts.”

The lineup will include, Joe Amodea (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Diltz (Bass/Lead Vocals), and Bill Ward (Drums/Vocals). There will also be appearances from guest musicians Walter Earl (Percussion) and Aron Ward (Keyboard). This is all the information at this time. I really cannot wait to see how this turns out. As soon as we get anything more on Day Of Errors, you’ll know.

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