Plenty of new and unreleased David Bowie material likely on the way, producer says

davidbowie1David Bowie may no longer be with us, but it sounds like we’ll still be treated to new and unreleased Bowie music for years to come.

In an interview with The Evening Standard, Bowie’s producer and friend Tony Visconti says to expect both new Bowie material as well as previously unheard material to be released in the years ahead.

“I’m in talks with his management and his label — there’s going to be some great Bowie stuff coming out,” Visconti said. “I think it’s logical that over the next few years, you’re going to hear a lot of stuff that you haven’t heard before.

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What type of material might be released? For starters, there were five songs recorded along with the material for Bowie’s most recent album Blackstar that were originally intended for a follow-up album that might see the light of day.

“I haven’t heard those songs yet,” Visconti said. “I might actually have to help his managerial company to find them. I have an idea where he might have recorded them, but there is also a lot of unreleased material from many albums.”

Indeed that is good news for Bowie fans, and based on the quality of Blackstar, the thought of more new material is exciting.


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