Prophets Of Rage Make Their Debut

When we ran our initial story on the Prophets of Rage it was all speculation. But that has all changed Tuesday night as Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford, Chuck D, B-Real, and DJ Lord took the stage as the Prophets of Rage for the first time.

According to the Rolling Stone, many classics from each group were played. The set was very Rage Against the Machine heavy with such classics like “Killing In The Name,” “Bombtrack,” and “Bulls On Parade” to name a few. But, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill accompanied by DJ Lord preformed a six-song medley of classics that covered a lot of history for both groups.

The night ended with B-Real said his goodbyes with a final message: “Thank you … and fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.” The group is set to preform at Palladium this Friday. It seems more updates are coming and can be seen at their website here. The set list can be seen below.

Set List:

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“Prophets of Rage” (Public Enemy)
“Guerilla Radio” (Rage Against the Machine)
“Bombtrack” (RATM)
“Miuzi Weighs a Ton” (PE)
“People of the Sun” (RATM)
“Take the Power Back” (RATM)
“Rock Superstar” (Cypress Hill)
“Testify” (RATM)

Public Enemy/Cypress Hill medley:
“Shoot Em Up”
“Can’t Trust It”
“Insane in the Membrane”
“Bring the Noise”
“I Ain’t Going Out Like That”
“Welcome to the Terrordome”

“Sleep Now in the Fire” (RATM)
“Shut Them Down” (Prophets of Rage)
“Know Your Enemy” (RATM)
“The Party’s Over” (Prophets of Rage)
“No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”/”Fight the Power” (Beastie Boys/Public Enemy)
“Bulls on Parade” (RATM)
“Killing in the Name” (RATM)

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