McCartney Finally Takes A Shot At Oasis

paulmccartney2I bet he’s wanted to say something like this for a long time. In a recently published interview with Britain’s Q magazine, Paul McCartney said that the band Oasis hurt their career by predicting they’d be “bigger than the Beatles”.

Sir Paul told Q that:

Oasis were young and fresh and writing good tunes. I thought the biggest mistake they made was when they said ‘We’re going to be bigger than The Beatles’. I thought so many people have said that, and it’s the kiss of death. Be bigger than The Beatles, but don’t say it. The minute you say it, everything you do from then on in is going to be looked at in the light of that statement.

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Of course we know that Paul was trying to be as polite and as diplomatic as possible. He has carefully nurtured his benign “peace and love” public persona for more than 50 years, and he’s not about to start ripping another band in public at this point. But it is a classic passive-aggressive putdown if I’ve ever seen one.

He’s obviously talking through his hat when he says that “so many people” have said they’d be bigger than the Beatles. Really? Who else has ever said such a stupid thing other than the arrogant yobs from Manchester? And “be bigger than the Beatles, just don’t say it”? That is a beautiful backhanded smackdown considering that, for starters, he and the rest of the world know it is utterly impossible to be bigger than the Beatles.

For his part, Noel Gallagher has tried to distance himself from his youthful comments comparing Oasis to The Beatles, once telling that he “might have been high” when he said it. Ah yes, the things people say when they’re high. Here’s the thing. To me, the Gallagher brothers carried themselves as if they truly believed they were going to be bigger than The Beatles. It was obvious, wasn’t it?

That’s why I find it so refreshing to see Paulie knock them down a notch or two in his subtle, gentlemanly way.

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5 comments to “McCartney Finally Takes A Shot At Oasis”
  1. The Beatles are Dead. They broke up in 1970. Two are dead. And two are old as crap. Oasis is at least Together and making music, Then Win By Default. They are Now Bigget than The Non Existant Beatles!

    • Bullshit… Oasis was a fairytale… The Beatles are biblical in comparison.. What has Oasis done lately that would lead anyone to believe that they are anywhere near what T Beatles did ? Silly man..

  2. The fact that we are STILL talking about a band that was only together eight friggin years but changed the face of music forever tells you just WHY Oasis will NEVER be bigger than the Beatles…

  3. I wonder when anyone talks as if…
    they’re even close to being on the same ‘plane’ so to speak, as the Fab Four.
    The Beatles are at the top in creativity and beautiful compositions.
    Ironically, the only composer that would be, yes, I’m serious, on the same level of wonderful lyrics/structure music/songs as the Beatles is the man that John Lennon said, is
    “son of Beatles,” and that, ELO/Jeff Lynne, is “what we (The Beatles) would sound like if we were still together.”
    And, at a performance at an award show in Hollyweird, a couple years ago, Paul McCartney stood and clapped as Jeff Lynne sang. A standing ovation.
    One ELO album or one Beatles one has more good/great songs than any group ever in their whole catalog, in the rock/pop category.
    And, let’s face it Rich, there is great jealousy of The Beatles and of Jeff Lynne. Can you dig…

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