Watch: Radiohead plays “Creep,” “No Surprises” live for first time since 2009

radioheadshowRadiohead brought out two fan favorites for the first time in seven years during a concert in Paris on Monday, much to the crowd’s delight.

The band played their debut single and first big hit, 1992’s “Creep”, which drew a rousing reaction from the crowd, who then joined in in a sing-along. In addition, Radiohead played “No Surprises” off 1998’s OK Computer.

Watch below, via Netranger09 and Olive Toulouse on YouTube (h/t RollingStone):

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In addition, per Rolling Stone, this show was the first time Radiohead played at least one song from all nine of their studio albums in the same show. The concert is Radiohead’s third show since their return to the stage in Amsterdam on May 20.

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One comment to “Watch: Radiohead plays “Creep,” “No Surprises” live for first time since 2009”
  1. This is amazing stuff. The thing that surprised me, is that it had only been since 2009 that these songs appeared. I thought it would have been way longer then that.

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