Eric Clapton drops new video and song

Eric Clapton's newest album is due out May 20.

Eric Clapton’s newest album is due out May 20.

As we approach the May 20 release date for Eric Clapton’s 23rd album, I Still Do, the artist has released a new video for the song “Spiral.”

The video takes Clapton fans on a journey through his life. Beginning with the Peter Blake portrait of him that makes up I Still Do‘s cover, the camera zooms in on his watch as it rewinds. The spiral motif is played up, working its way back in time to reveal replications of pictures of Clapton and his guitar over the years. Although he’s holding a Fender Stratocaster — the axe he’s used for most of his career — in many of the images, you see him seated with the Martin acoustic from the Unplugged album, the Gibson SG he played in Cream and the Fender Telecaster from his brief time in Blind Faith (via UCR).

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Fans on YouTube were effusive over the track: “Another superb track from Mr Clapton,” one writes. “Can’t wait for the new album on Friday. Eric, you just proved that you have so much more to give. Keep it coming! In my humble opinion by far the best ‘messenger’ of the blues this country and possibly the world will ever see. I thank you for all the music you have given us.”

Clapton’s last album The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale was a global hit when it came out two years ago.

I Still Do will be released in numerous formats including a 2-LP vinyl set for $27 (check it out on Amazon). The album is rumored to have a guest appearance by the late George Harrison (the L’Angelo Mysterioso), though Clapton denies that rumor. “We aren’t going to be saying who ‘L’Angelo Mysterioso’ is. Now or ever,” a spokesman said.

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  1. That’s an incredible video. Lots of self-reflection going on among the old rockers these days, and for good reason.

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