Pet Sounds, Blonde On Blonde turn 50 years old today

petsounds2Today marks an historic day in rock music as seminal albums Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys and Blonde On Blonde by Bob Dylan both were released 50 years ago on this day.

Both albums are routinely regarded as two of the greatest in the history of rock music. We chose to commemorate Blonde On Blonde in today’s Song of the Day, but both albums certainly need to be celebrated on this day.

Here are some articles celebrating the 50th anniversary of the albums:

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* Rolling Stone: Celebrating Dylan’s greatest masterpiece

* Rolling Stone: 15 things you didn’t know about Pet Sounds
* Esquire: 50 years of Pet Sounds and Blonde On Blonde

* Consequence of Sound: Kevin Morby reflects on 50 years of Dylan’s classic album

* Pop Matters: Why does Pet Sounds still have a hold on us?

* Audiences Everywhere: The unexplainable, wonderful chaos of Blonde On Blonde

* Vox: Pet Sounds still sounds fresh today

* Observer: This is your brain on Pet Sounds

* Time: See outtakes from the Pet Sounds photoshoot

* The A.V. Club: At 50, Pet Sounds remains The Beach Boys’ most puzzling, influential album

Here’s a look at where certain publications have ranked these albums all-time in the past:

Rolling Stone: Pet Sounds 2, Blonde On Blonde 9

Consequence of Sound: Pet Sounds 2, Blonde On Blonde 11

NME: Pet Sounds 26, Blonde On Blonde 62

Uncut Magazine: Pet Sounds 1, Blonde on Blonde 7

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys tweeted his thoughts on the anniversary of Pet Sounds early Monday morning.

And, 50 years later, we’re still hearing plenty from both of these artists. Dylan has a new album on the way and will be participating in October’s big Desert Trip event while a 50th anniversary collection of Pet Sounds will be available this year as well.

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