Don’t Give Up On Brian Johnson Just Yet


Fans, all hope is not lost for the great Brian Johnson. According to an article on, Asius Technologies founder Stephen Ambrose has issued an open message to Brian Johnson of AC/DC. The message said: “Please don’t stop performing, help is on the way.”

What help you may ask? Well Stephen Ambrose just so happens to be the inventor of wireless in-ear monitors. While the tech in it early stage would hold little improvement to Johnson. The new version of the tech called, the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens could in fact help save Johnson’s career.

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Johnson was advised to stop touring because of his hearing problems. AC/DC found their replacement in Axl Rose but feelings and misconceptions seemed to flare between Johnson and his former band mates. If everything goes according to plan and Johnson is able to tour, would you want him to go back to AC/DC? With the way that Johnson was “dismissed” do you think that he would want to? Whatever happens we always wish Brian Johnson well in his future endeavors.

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