Artist paints smallest portrait of Prince in world

In a tiny tribute to a larger-than-life musician, artist John Kettman, of La Salle, Illinois, has painted the world’s smallest portrait of Prince. The work literally fits on a grain of rice.


Kettman also created a new painting of Prince dubbed “When Doves Cry.”

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Kettman's "When Doves Cry" includes lyrics from some of Prince's songs in the artist's hair.

Kettman’s “When Doves Cry” includes lyrics from some of Prince’s songs in the artist’s hair.

Kettman is well-known known for working with unusual materials. Last fall, he painted portraits of the leading presidential candidates on pumpkins.


The work landing on some major news sites including NBC Chicago.

Kettman’s Prince piece is remarkable in its detail and size. It’s especially impressive when shown in relation to a dime:


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