Journey’s Neal Schon on if he’d accept Hall of Fame nod, Steve Perry relationship

nealschonIt seems like Steve Miller’s recent rant on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has resonated with Journey co-founder and guitarist Neal Schon.

In speaking to Billboard, Schon reflected on Miller’s complaints about the Hall of Fame process and expressed uncertainty as to whether or not he’d even want a Hall of Fame nod if the band was ever elected.

“After reading and talking to Steve Miller about what went on with him and how it was not a good experience, I don’t really care right now one way or the other,” Schon said. “I’d have to see what the situation is for real. I’m not about to pay money to anybody to get in anywhere. I would never do that. And at this point there’s so many people in there that are not even rock ‘n’ roll, I don’t really care about being in there at all. It’s not going to make or break my life for who I’ve come as an artist or a person. I’m like an aspiring artist that needs to move forward and you don’t move forward by settling in on what you’ve attained in your past. I think you’re only as good as what you are right now.”

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Schon told Billboard however that he would want to get in to satisfy the group’s fans and that Journey could get their call to the Hall of Fame in the next class of inductees.

“I think there always has been an opening for us,” Schon said. “Basically Steve [Perry] has not wanted to do it. I think he probably wants to wait until he releases his solo record, which is supposed to come out this year and is probably why I’m hearing that we’re supposed to get in this year.”

Schon also commented on his relationship with former Journey frontman Steve Perry, which seems non-existent at the moment.

“There’s no communication at all,” Schon said. “I feel like I’ve reached out in every humane way I can… just to be friends, like we were. There’s no reason not to be. I’ve tried to get his real phone number instead of talking through his attorney, but he will not give it to me, not even to say hello.”

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