GRAPHIC: Man’s ear chewed off at Eagles Of Death Metal concert

Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal.

Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal.

Don’t click on this if you’re squeamish. It sounds too gory to be true, but an Eagles of Death Metal fan had his ear bit off during a confrontation at a Toronto show on Saturday night.

The first report of the shocking moment came from the band’s drummer, Jorma Vik (via NME). He wrote that a man “got his ear bitten off,” in a now-deleted Facebook post. “First time for everything I guess!”

“I didn’t witness anything, but there was a confrontation between two individuals,” Athena Ellinas-Towers, general manager of the Opera House, told “The one gentleman that instigated the whole thing was arrested and charged. I’m not sure of the charges; I just saw him being arrested. The police haven’t followed up with me yet. We called them because this is a serious offence.”

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Another fan posted a pic of the detached ear on Instagram:

At the Eagles of Death Metal show where a MAN BIT A PART OF ANOTHER MAN'S EAR OFF

A photo posted by Gwo (@gwo) on

It’s sad to see any violence at one of the band’s shows – especially after the band and their fans were targeted by terrorists in Paris. Eighty-nine people died in the violent attack on Nov. 13, 2015. The group just started touring again in February after a three-month hiatus.

“I cannot wait to get back to Paris,” frontman Jesse Hughes told Vice days after the attack. “I cannot wait to play. I want to be the first band that plays the Bataclan when it opens back up because I was there when it went silent for a minute. Our friends went there to see rock ‘n’ roll and died. I want to go back there and live.”

Photo credit: Gio.

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