Fans discover hidden galaxy of stars in David Bowie’s “Blackstar” cover

blackstar-bowieDavid Bowie may have passed on, but his secrets are still being discovered by fans months after his passing.

One really cool surprise that was recently discovered has to do with the vinyl cover of his “Blackstar” album.

A Reddit user recently revealed his friend’s discovery of a new image appearing on the gatefold sleeve of the Blackstar cover after it was exposed to sunlight — one showing several twinkling stars.

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Twitter user @_woodstockings posted a video of the image being revealed:

There doesn’t seem to be anything specific that causes the change, other than exposing the packaging to light.

“Some suspected the hidden stars appeared after the packaging was left exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time,” wrote Chris Payne of Billboard. “Others surmised there was no change at all — that thinner paper was used inside the gatefold so a star image printed inside would be exposed beneath light instantly. Different pressings of Blackstar contain slightly different packaging, so the effect could have several variations.”

Regardless, this is a very cool hidden gift, and it makes you wonder what other secrets there are to discover.

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