Prince Was Scheduled To Meet With Addiction Specialist

prince2According to a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the day after Prince died he was scheduled to meet opioid addiction specialist, Dr. Howard Kornfeld. Minneapolis attorney William Mauzy, who is working with the Kornfeld family, told the Tribune when Kornfeld couldn’t clear his schedule for April 20, he sent his son and colleague, Andrew Kornfeld, to Paisley Park.

To quote Mauzy, “The plan was to quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan,” speaking on behalf of the Kornfelds. “… The doctor was planning on a lifesaving mission.”

“Prince’s representatives called Howard Kornfeld because of his reputation as a nationally known addiction researcher,” Mauzy said.

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Sadly, as you know the addiction treatment wasn’t administered soon enough. Prince Rogers Nelson left us on April 21, 2016. He was 57. While toxicology has been completed, results haven’t determined whether painkillers where present in Prince’s body, or if they contributed to his death in any way.

Photo credit: By Yves Lorson from Kapellen, Belgium (Prince) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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