10 Great Prince Moments

One of the problems in presenting a list of great Prince songs and performances is that because of his battles with YouTube, there is usually very little of his material online to view and listen to. But since his untimely passing, Prince videos have been flooding the internet, keeping one step ahead of the copyright police.

So most of these clips will soon disappear, catch ‘em while you can. These are some of my favorite Prince tracks or performances, and I’ve tried to steer the list towards music that more Rock-oriented fans will enjoy. So enjoy!


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10. Crimson And Clover (2009)

Don’t know why nobody before ever thought to mash up Tommy James “Crimson and Clover” with the Troggs’ “Wild Thing”, but Prince comes up with something every classic rock fan would love.


9. SNL40 After Party (2015)

Four in the morning, after the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary extravaganza, Prince comes to the afterparty and rips it up with this slowed down version of “Let’s Go Crazy”. For all the talk of his aloofness, I just love his beautiful, playful, easy vibe on stage. Now that’s a party.


8. Raspberry Beret (1985)

It’s amazing how this song can capture the feel of the psychedelic sixties without sounding anything like the music of the psychedelic sixties, aside from the great string arrangement. It’s there and it isn’t, and it speaks to Prince’s incredible gifts as a songwriter and producer.


7. Dreamer (2009)

Prince’s debt to Jimi Hendrix was always obvious, but never more so than on this track from his LotusFlow3r album.


6. Mellow & 1+1+1 Is 3 (2001)

Critics crapped on his Rainbow Children album as being “smooth jazz”, but to me it showed a brilliant artist revealing yet another side of his skill set. I think this shit is groovy beyond words.


5. Anotherlove (2014)

It seemed to me as though in the last couple of years, Prince was veering a little more towards his Rock side. With his fantastic new band 3rdEyeGirl, he really brought some new power to his game, like on this great track.


4. Fury (2006)

Another fantastic performance on this track from the 3121 album. My favorite part is when he rubs his nose in the middle of a shredding solo without missing a beat.


3. Prince Unplugged – The Art Of Musicology (2004)

A side of Prince we didn’t get to see nearly enough. A person’s talents will be readily exposed if they’ve only got an acoustic guitar to defend themselves. As if any more proof was needed from this guy.


2. Sign O’ The Times (1987)

Because of the incredible range not only of his musical styles but also his on-stage personas, we sometimes tended to forget Prince’s constant and consistent stands on social and cultural issues. To me this track is the spiritual heir to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, bridging the generational gap both musically and lyrically.


1. Live at the XLI Super Bowl Halftime Show (2007)

Best Super Bowl Halftime show ever, that’s an easy one. But good lord, this was truly a performance for the ages, covering Dylan, Creedence and the Foo Fighters, plus the unforgettable “Purple Rain”, in the rain. Transcendent brilliance. Watching this one again really hit home how much I am going to miss this man.



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