Song of the Day: Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life”

Happy birthday wishes go out to James Osterberg, a.k.a. Iggy Pop, who turns 69 years old today. It’s hard not to love this classic, which has lyrics written by Pop (influenced in part by the William S. Burroughs novel The Ticket That Exploded) and music written by David Bowie. At 69, does Pop still have a lust for life? Some of the lyrics on Pop’s recently-released album Post-Pop Depression makes you wonder if he just wants to get away from it all (“There’s nothing awesome here/Not a damn thing/There’s nothing new/Just a bunch of people scared/Everybody’s fucking scared/Fear eats all the souls at once/I’m tired of it/And I dream about getting away/To a new life/Where there’s not so much fucking knowledge/I don’t want any of this information/I don’t want YOU/No/Not anymore/I’ve had enough of you/Yeah, I’m talking to you/I’m gonna go to Paraguay” Pop sings on the album’s closing song “Paraguay”).

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