Weekly Obsessions: 4/12/16

I’m trying to think of something significant that happened this week, but I’m drawing a blank. I went to a bachelor party and punked out early because I was full of steak and booze (plus we were as close to my house as we were going to be all night). I’m not what you would call a “fun person” or a “good friend.” Luckily, I have various opinions on music, otherwise nobody would associate with me at all.

This week I’ve been playing the hell out of the new release by Parquet Courts. This Brooklyn group (they’re all from Brooklyn) combines the non-sequitur humor and creative riffage of Pavement with the rhythmic innovation and satire of the Talking Heads. Check out the first single from their new LP Human Performance.

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Though the sound is unmistakably classic indie rock, there are a lot of disparate threads that show up over the course of this record. Post-punk groups like The Fall come to mind, especially with some of the repetition of grooves and vocal phrases. Jonathan Richman’s “head-cold” vocals and sardonic irony are  another obvious influence. Human Performance is brimming with confidence and fruitful diversions. The different flavors expressed here have enough variety and complexity to satisfy even the most world-weary palate.

I’ve been preoccupied with this album most of the week, so I’m really racking my brain to think of something old to recommend.


Hey, you know what’s good? Lou Reed’s 1972 album Transformer. That’s the one with “Walk On the Wild Side.” It also marks Reed’s true break (his first solo album didn’t really do the trick) from the Velvet Underground, as well as his official transition into glam rock superstar. Reed’s career had so many different phases, and this album is a great soundtrack to the first “official” metamorphosis of an often-changing artist. Plus you can dance to it! Sort of. More then the VU, at least.

See you next week! Go Cubs!

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