Tonic to release acoustic version of the album ‘Lemon Parade’

tonic-lemonparade“Lemon Parade,” arguably Tonic’s finest album, will be re-released acoustically this year in honor of its 20th anniversary, according to the post-grunge 90s rock band’s Facebook announcement March 22. Here are just few reasons why you should be as excited about it as I am:

1. The tracks of “Lemon Parade” are already acoustic-friendly, so think how amazing the acoustic album will sound.

Tracks like “If You Could Only See,” “Soldier’s Daughter,” “Lemon Parade,” “Mountain,” “Mr. Golden Deal,” and “My Old Man” already have an acoustic feel to them, even with the use of electric guitars. These songs aren’t screamers or fast-paced emotional roller coasters, so it’s safe to say that they’re going to sound pretty great without the electric.

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2. Without the electric, the vocals will be mindblowing.

Band co-founders Emerson Hart and Jeff Russo have a talent for writing and performing fantastic vocal harmony. Some of that gets lost in the intensity of the electric guitars and drums. In the acoustic version, their voices will be much clearer — Hart’s throaty vocals and Russo’s spot-on harmonizing will take center stage. Your ears will be pleased.

3. Not only will you hear the vocals, you’ll actually hear and reflect on incredibly deep lyrics.

Granted, it’s hard to always hear what the vocalists are actually saying in the middle of a power ballad or guitar riff. Let’s face it: rock music is loud, and sometimes it’s more about the music than the lyrics, because often you can’t even hear the lyrics that well. But Tonic’s lyrics are more than just poetic — their deeply personal musings about love and identity are uncomfortably insightful, prompting reflection and self-examination. When it comes to music lyrics, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Tonic has not yet announced when the acoustic “Lemon Parade” will be available, although it is available for pre-order here.

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  1. Nice. Hopefully, they’ll do a tour and play the album at theaters… Love seeing intimate shows like that.

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