Janis Joplin was ‘doomed from the beginning’


You can’t get much more insight into a person than trying to crawl into his or her skin. For the past four years, Mary Bridget Davies has been doing exactly that on the traveling show, A Night With Janis Joplin. The experience, Davies says, has given some insights into the revolutionary singer:

“Here she was, the oldest daughter of an oil refinery foreman and a librarian in southeast Texas in the ’50s,” Davies told the Free Press recently. “And all she wanted to be was a beatnik and a painter and all these things that she’d read about in newspapers and magazines,” she says. “But that was absolutely everything she was not supposed to be, so she was doomed from the beginning.

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“She was never going to be happy living and dying in Port Arthur, Texas. And it was unheard of for women like her to say, ‘I’m going to hitchhike to San Francisco and join a psychedelic rock band and drink publicly and be promiscuous.’

Davies has an uncanny ability to channel Joplin’s voice and verve:

If Joplin were around today, Davies believes she’d still be traveling and singing. The off-Broadway show is a chance to imagine Joplin’s still with us. Learn more about it at www.anightwithjanisjoplin.com.

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  1. I am the only daughter of Janis Lyn Joplin whom was raised with a foster family in Canada since the age of 1yrs of age and became a songwriter , composer and singer but never got too far as I was robbed of all of my lyrics and composition before I got the chance to copyright it which sent me into a downward spiral through out the yrs and if my mother was still alive today she and I would be travelling and singing together , I wish she lived long enough for me to get to know her but unfortunately my mother chose heroin over her career and motherhood and couldn’t snap out of it and it took her life , I am thankful that I never did such a drug or went near needles or people that did them other than to help them off of their choice of drug , but I did end up drinking alcohol for yrs which started to ruin and destroy my life so I only have a drink once in a blue moon now and I only smoke medical marajuana for pain caused by cancer that I got at a young age and have dealt with in different parts of my body , I just beat lung cancer which is one of the worst cancers besides leukemia , but I do believe my mama is watching over me and I do believe that she lives within me especially when I belt out her songs , I sound just like her and look just like her , well I did look just like her until I changed my appearance a yr ago ! thank you for loving my mother Janis Joplin and her music as she will live on forever in all of hearts and her music will live on forever as well , thank you to all of you !

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