Highlights from Thursday’s Bowie Tribute at Carnegie Hall

An all-star cast assembled at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on Thursday night to pay tribute to David Bowie, and not surprisingly, the night seemed to be filled with both touching and memorably odd moments.

Footage of the show has trickled out onto YouTube. Here’s what we’ve been able to find so far.

One of the best highlights came courtesy of The Flaming Lips, who performed “Life On Mars?” with Wayne Coyne riding Chewbacca’s shoulders (via Larry Rulz Too and LongIslandBands on YouTube):

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Another came from Michael Stipe, who after his piano-backed performance of “The Man Who Sold the World” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon delivered a similar performance of “Ashes To Ashes,” this time joined by Karen Elson (via LongIslandBands):

Debbie Harry led the crowd in a sing-along of “Starman” (via rhubarbjerky and LongIslandBands):

The Pixies performed “Cactus” (via RustedTelevisione):

Perry Farrell performed “Rebel Rebel” (via LongIslandBands):

Jakob Dylan sings “Heroes” (via LongIslandBands):

Nancy Wilson sings “Let’s Dance” (via LongIslandBands):

Sean Lennon and J Mascis of Dinosaur, Jr. perform “Quicksand” (via LongIslandBands):

“Space Oddity” was the night’s final song, led by the NYC Children’s Choir (via RustedTelevisione):

Click here for a review and more news from the show at RollingStone.com.

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