Two Tantalizing Tracks From The Last Shadow Puppets’ New Album

lastshadowpuppetsThe other day we asked on our Forum page who was going to carry the torch for Rock in the future. Apparently there are those who are concerned that EDM and Hip Hop are so popular with young people today that Rock may be in danger of falling off the map, if it doesn’t have saviors to carry the torch.

Personally, I don’t think that flame will ever be in danger of burning out, but if it was, I think Alex Turner will be there for a long time to help keep it burning bright.

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Turner is 30 now, not a kid anymore, but I don’t think we’ve seen anywhere near the kind of greatness he is capable of. I believe that one day down the line he could take his place among the all-time greats.

The eagerly-awaited new Last Shadow Puppets album is out on April 1, but this week they released two more tracks from the album, and they show that Turner and his partner Miles Kane have really got something going on here.

The first track “Aviation” is similar to an Arctic Monkeys song, except that the incredible string arrangement gives it more of a Euro feel, plus a typically inscrutable Turner lyric that’s more T.S. Eliot than Elliott Smith:

Hot procession
Gloomy Conga of glum looking beauties
Strolling through the opening scene
Where’d you want it?
It’s your decision honey, my planet or yours?
Sectoral heterochromia

The second track, “Everything You’ve Come To Expect”, really blew my mind. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. There are elements of Beach Boys Pet Sounds in the verse, and with the strings there’s a hint of ‘70s Philly soul in the chorus, but it doesn’t really sound much like either of those things.

At a certain point the strings come up full like an old-time movie soundtrack. The track is dream-swirled, wistful, neither happy nor sad, and completely captivating.

The videos for the two tracks are something else, too. They tell a story back to back, some kind of weird mob payback on a beautiful ocean beach, with our heroes up to their necks in the sand, while the gun moll performs contemporary dance steps around their heads. It’s worth watching. And keep an eye on this album when it comes out too.


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