Weekly Obsessions: 3/21/16

sheermag3Greetings from the Secret Internet Room where we all hang out! This week marks the technical beginning of spring! Flowers rub their sleepy eyes and stretch out in the sun! Rise and shine, herb garden! What’s that? Sleet in the American Midwest? All the plants are dead? But…spring.

Such is the Great Lakes life.

But I’m nonetheless ready for some upbeat, sunny weather-type music. Lately, I’m really digging Sheer Mag‘s new EP, III. In a scant 13 minutes, this record delivers meaty guitar riffs and juicy hooks at an alarming rate. How do they sound? Think Thin Lizzy fronted by Joan Jett. You must admit that this sounds kind of appealing. It’s almost as if punk rock went undercover and infiltrated a 70’s Album-Oriented Rock Band. Just listen to it. It’s not my job to describe music to you people.

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Last night, I enjoyed a drunken evening with friends. Among other topics, we had a spirited (but respectful) debate about which Flaming Lips album was best.

My friend was pretty adamant that Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is the clear winner. While I certainly enjoy that album, I’ve always been partial to The Soft Bulletin. To me, the album somehow appears bigger and more important than it actually is. Everything about it, from Wayne Coyne’s gentle sincerity to the pitch-black subject matter (frequent references to death, disease, maiming, etc) works so well at convincing you that this is the most important album you will ever listen to. The Flaming Lips were going for an almost impossibly massive scope here, and largely, they have succeeded through thematic conviction and power. If you want more proof that this band was playing with remarkable heft, note that the fantastic drum work by Stephen Drozd was supposedly recorded with one microphone.

There are usually several microphones. This is somehow amazing.

Have a great week, everyone!



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