Paul McCartney hasn’t given up his pursuit of the rights to Beatles songs

PAULMCCARTNEY1Maybe there’s still hope for Paul McCartney to bring the rights to his share of The Beatles catalog after all.

As Rich Karfilis wrote last week, news recently surfaced that Michael Jackson’s estate would sell its remaining 50 percent share of The Beatles’ catalog to Sony, which made it seem like hope was lost that McCartney could get his hands on the rights to his songs. But Billboard reported on Friday that McCartney, as of December 15, 2015, had already started the process needed to regain the rights to a share of his songs, at least in some capacity.

McCartney is using The U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 to help him in his attempt. The law states that after a term of 56 years, a songwriter can regain publishing ownership of a song if he files a claim with the U.S. Copyright Office within two to ten years after the end of that 56-year period terminating the publishing of that song. Billboard reports that McCartney has filed a termination notice for 32 songs, including songs published from 1962-1964 and seven songs off Abbey Road, including “Come Together,” “Golden Slumbers,” “Carry That Weight,” and “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.”

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Per Billboard, only McCartney’s half of the Lennon-McCartney catalog is eligible for termination, and McCartney can only acquire the rights to those songs in the United States while Sony controls the rights for the rest of the world. But, it’s certainly better than nothing. Click here for more from Billboard.

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  1. At least he’s doing something about it, but I still wonder why he and Yoko couldn’t have coughed up the cash to obtain the full rights.

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