Five Bands That Technically Could Get Back Together But Never Will

fugaziFor whatever reason, sometimes seeing a particular band is impossible. Usually, good ol’ fashioned death is the culprit. Rock history is filled with groups that suffered the loss of one or more major players. Sometimes, this loss effectively broke up the band (Jim Morrison), or sometimes this happened years later, turning a potential reunion into a mere pipe dream (John Lennon, George Harrison).

Perhaps the most frustrating case, however, is a band that breaks up at more or less the peak of their career. All functional members remain alive, and sometimes even creating music. Yet, due to in-fighting, mismanagement, etc, these bands just cannot bury the hatchet and work together again. Though, in some cases, keeping distance between the main creative forces in a group may be a good idea, the fact remains that I will never see this band live. From my limited, extremely selfish perspective, here are some bands that simply will never do me the courtesy of reforming, so that I might experience them in concert.

Note: These are all bands that I love. I can’t really speculate on the objective good of an Oasis reunion. I don’t care at all if that happens. In fact, I’m actively rooting against it. Also, did Oasis even break up? Such is the extent of my not caring.

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5. Jawbreaker

The San Francisco Bay punk band was essentially run by indie-rock VIP Blake Schwarzenbach, but since his later band Jets to Brazil sounds nothing like Jawbreaker, we shouldn’t give short shrift to rhythm section Chris Bauermeister and Adam Pfahler. The sheer power of this influential trio has never been equaled by any sole member of the band, so I think we’re dealing with a whole > sum of parts situation. They haven’t even been in a studio together since 2007, but why can’t I dream?

4. Mclusky

Speaking of groups that were better together than apart, Mclusky rose from the unlikely hometown of Cardiff, Wales to become one of the most unique and witty hardcore bands of all time. Main songwriter Andrew Falkous certainly continues his tongue-in-cheek cynicism with his newer band Future of the Left, but they just don’t have the heft of the original band. Even before I actually listened to Mclusky, I was hooked by the song titles. Here are a few highlights:

Dave, Stop Killing Prostitutes


Alan is a Cowboy Killer

She Will Only Bring You Happiness

These songs are even better than the titles would suggest. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something resembling the Welsh Pixies.

3. The Smiths

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really care about the rhythm section of this group. All I want is a Morrissey/Johnny Marr reunion. They could easily get the bass player and drummer from Blur or something (because what the fuck else are they doing?), and call it “The Smiths.” Even though working with Morrisssey is probably impossible, and even though there are still some royalty disputes between the members, I am still holding out hope that these two (one with the wry and sardonic lyrics, and one with the multi-layered jangly guitar) can somehow work it out.

2. Fugazi

While it is true that this band has not officially broken up, they’ve been on hiatus since 2002. Mind you, this was right after they released 2001’s The Argument, which hinted at an exciting new direction for the group. Though all four members are doing their own things and seem more or less happy, I still can’t shake the feeling that a Fugazi show would be awesome, despite the members now averaging about 50 years of age.

1. Husker Du

Anyone who knows me reasonably well might have predicted that we’d end up here. Husker Du is my favorite group of all time, and though all three members are still walking the Earth, it seems that each of them would rather do literally anything than even speak to one of the other members. The Du broke up in the late 80’s amid lack of management and fundamental creative differences. Bob Mould and Grant Hart still make music. Greg Norton owns a restaurant somewhere. If Mould and Hart ever worked it out, well that’s just a dream come true for a guy like me. I had the opportunity to see Bob Mould live a few years ago, and he did a few Husker Du songs. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to get all three of them (even mustachioed bass-player Norton) onstage again. They may not even make it through one song before they started murdering each other, but it would be a hell of a song.

Any other bands that frustratingly will not get back together? Let me know!

Photo: Fugazi in 2002; Credit: By Tim Trentham from Austin, USA (P0002471) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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