The Avett Brothers Announce New Album That’s Not What You Think

avettbrothersThe Avett Brothers? You might ask yourself, why are we posting this here? Well, for one thing the follow up to 2013’s The Magpie and the Dandelion will be inspired by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Queen, and Tom Petty. On June 24th, they will make their return with full-length True Sadness via American/Republic Records.

It also seems Seth Avett has penned a personal letter reflecting on where the band has come from, where they’ve gone, and where they’re going.

In the years since my brother and I began singing together, the definitions of both life and artistry have changed dramatically, Seth writes. There used to be a line separating the two — a division between the pursuit of music and what we recognized as our daily lives. Intrinsically, one would have to pause in order for the other to continue. When this line was visible, in order for us to write, perform, and chase a musically driven livelihood, we would depart from our lives as we knew them, often abruptly and with some difficulty. Alternately, when we were present for the events of which life is conventionally comprised (birthdays and weddings of family members, weekly grocery store trips, daytime jobs, etc.), music would have to wait. It would stop so we could maintain a familiar momentum — one wherein bills were paid, goals were met, hometown relationships were maintained, and the stability through being in one place was felt and appreciated.

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The rest of the letter can be read here.

Also, expect a taste of the album entitled “Ain’t No Man” in the coming weeks. When the song drops you can expect it to be posted on Rocknuts. I’d love to get your take, especially from this interesting direction.

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