Listen now: two new indie rock hits and a Goo Goo Dolls refresher

cagetheelephantCage the Elephant and Panic! At the Disco have some new music that’s growing in popularity in the indie rock sphere — of course, Panic! At the Disco has always be an indie favorite, but Cage the Elephant’s new hit “Don’t Mess Around” is putting the band on Panic!’s level, even as Panic! is moving away from indie and more towards mainstream pop.

“Don’t Mess Around,” Cage the Elephant:

If you’ve never listened to Cage the Elephant, think something like The Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes, or the Black Keys. While Cage the Elephant’s earlier sound was heavily influenced by funk and blues rock, it’s latest album, “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” incorporates more of a synthetic, electronica sound. “Don’t Mess Around” almost sounds something you’d hear on mainstream pop radio, but the blues rock/synthetic blend is rather unique and fun to hear.

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“Victorious,” Panic! At the Disco:

This song is not being recommended as a new great rock song, but something worth listening to if you want to have an idea of where the punk pop/rock of the early 2000s is headed. “Victorious,” from Panic!’s newest 2016 album “Death of a Bachelor” sounds like a Fall Out Boy wannabe. The power pop feel and hard partying slant of the lyrics is definitely a Fall Out Boy trademark, in fact, “Victorious” sounds a lot like Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes” or “Centuries” or some other track off Fall Out Boy’s 2013 album “Save Rock and Roll.” Sadly, while Fall Out Boy has dug a niche for itself in the power pop “live fast die” arena, some of the most popular, uniquely indie bands of the early 2000s like Panic! seem to think they need to mimic the mainstream in order to stay alive.

But don’t be depressed, listen to one of the Goo Goo Dolls’ top hits in prep for their summer tour:

Go listen to a live recording of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris.” It’s a fantastic song, and it’ll make you feel better about the future of alternative rock, especially as we’re getting ready for the Goo Goo Dolls North America tour this summer.

Looking forward to U2’s new album? Here’s a great U2 refresher:

“Pride (In The Name Of Love)” is one of U2’s more famous hits, and it’s definitely a fan favorite. Remember how awesome U2 is as we anticipate new album “Songs of Experience” to be released sometime later this year.

Photo: Cage the Elephant; credit Bly1993


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