Nice Attempt At “A History Of Rock In 15 Minutes”

Full marks for effort are due the British production house for this video that’s making the rounds these days. It’s a hugely ambitious project, and you can see the painstaking amount of hours that must have gone into it. They did a tremendous job mixing and crossfading the music together, all 348 artists, 84 guitarists and 64 songs.

The conceit of the video is the presentation based on a Facebook timeline. It has a way of drawing you in, just like Facebook does, but at the same time it frustrates because you don’t have time to read all the “postings”. And it confuses because some of the “postings” seem to be real, while others are clearly fiction, like when the artist was dead 35 years before Facebook hit the scene.

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Still, high marks for an engaging, original presentation.

As for the music selections, they’re listed on the video notes, and they’re causing all kinds of discussion. It seems a little churlish to criticize the particular tracks selected on the video, because as we here at Rocknuts know, you can’t please everybody with a ”best-of” Rock list.

Having said that, there are some obvious omissions, and some real clunkers included, but that’s just my opinion. The producers obviously have a hard rock/metal bias, and that’s cool, that’s a perfectly valid perspective, but to almost completely ignore punk seems like a major oversight. Also, there are chronological discrepancies, some as big as ten years, that are just too jarring to ignore.

Still, I enjoyed watching it. When you have 15 minutes to spare, give it a look. If you really stick with it and ignore any quibbles, you really get a great overall sense of the vast sweep of Rock & Roll over the years, and it’s a gas gas gas.


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