U2 to release new album ‘Songs of Experience’ later this year

bonoCan you ever get enough of U2? No, you cannot, especially since their last album “Songs of Innocence” was so fantastic. “Songs of Experience,” U2’s thirteenth album and the follow up to “Songs of Innocence,” is expected to be released later this year. According to an interview with Q Magazine, Bono and the Edge said the new album will be reminiscent of their 1993 album “Zooropa.”

“(‘Zooropa’ producer Brian Eno) would love to see us making albums a bit more like that,” the Edge told Q, according to DIY Magazine. “Where we go, ‘You know what? We’re not going to second-guess any of this. Let’s just go for it.’ I think there’s a quality you get when there’s a certain momentum to the process.”

The twin albums are named for William Blake’s 1789 poetry collection titled “Songs of Innocence and Experience,” and according to Bono’s interview with the Irish Times in Septempber 2015, the new album will definitely be out this year and “has got a really crunchy beat.”

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“On this one we were going after a broken cassette recorder type of sound,” Bono said, describing one of the tracks to the Irish Times.

Billboard.com pointed out that since U2’s performance in Paris was interrupted by the November 2015 terrorist attacks and rescheduled to honor the wounded and killed, “Songs of Experience” might have a song or two in commemoration.

U2 still has not specified when “Songs of Experience” will be released in 2016.

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