‘The Game’ is Queen’s best album

thegameWhen evaluating rock ‘n’ roll giants like Queen, it’s risky to try and pin down one album as their “best.” Some rock enthusiasts don’t even consider Queen’s eighth album, “The Game,” as a true example of rock ‘n’ roll, but rather a substantial shift toward 80s power pop. But “The Game” a true rock album, and also the Queen’s finest effort since the band’s arrival on the music scene in 1970.

To be fair, “The Game” is far less hard rock than some of Queen’s earlier albums. But “The Game” still flaunts Queen’s indomitably positive spirit, makes use of virtuosic guitar solos, and exemplifies traditional rock themes of authenticity and freedom. What’s different about “The Game” is it’s throwback tracks to earlier stages of rock and its incoherent mix of power ballads, 80s pop-sounding tracks, and overall rockabilly feel.

Arguably, the pop-ness of “The Game” is what makes it so great: it shows Queen adapting to the popular demands of the 80s without losing its unique sound or its rock ‘n’ roll. The dubstep-y clapping drums of “Another One Bites the Dust” is definitely not rock, but the following track “Need Your Loving Tonight” sounds more like a rock-pop hybrid. The track immediately after, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” sounds like a 60s crooner by none other than the King himself, but then the track after that — “Rock It (Prime Jive)” — is nothing less than powerful, arena rock charged with intense, virtuosic guitar riffs.

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“The Game” may be a melting pot of genres, but it’s definitely a showcase of Queen’s incredible talent and willingness to experiment with rock ‘n’ roll. The general positivity of the album, existent even in more heavy tracks like “Don’t Try Suicide,” plus its rockabilly happy-go-lucky feel, makes “The Game” appealing to music enthusiasts no matter which genre they prefer.

In fact, “The Game” might be the perfect album to show that uneducated friend who needs to be introduced to good music — and to the constantly expanding rock ‘n’ roll universe. That’s why “The Game” is Queen’s best album to date.

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  1. What about “Dragon Attack” which was written by Brian May….no words on this?? Truly one of the most kick-ass tunes in the entire formidable Queen catalogue….his solo is second to none, and the little drum solo by Roger Taylor keeps the groove going….

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