Cheap Trick Give A Taste Of New Album, Share Video For “When I Wake Up Tomorrow”

cheaptrickLooks like Cheap Trick is going to have a great year. ALong with their induction into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, Cheap Trick is releasing their follow up to 2009’s The LatestBang, Zoom, Crazy … Hello, which arrives just one week before Cheap Trick are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

To get us ready, Cheap Trick have prepped a new music video for song “When I Wake Up Tomorrow.”

When talking about the song, guitarist Rick Nielsen told Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone, “This song always reminds me of a sultry David Bowie song. I liked it from the first time we attempted to do it. It’s just a moody, interesting piece with some heavy guitars in the middle. The last line is ‘Are you gonna be here when I wake up tomorrow,’ and then Bowie passed away after we recorded it.”

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Bang, Zoom, Crazy … Hello will be their first since founding drummer Bun E. Carlos was replaced by Daxx Nielsen, Rick’s son. However, there is no bad blood as Bun E. Carlos will reunite with the group as they’re inducted into the Rock Hall next month. The video for “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” can be seen below.

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