Rolling Stones legend Bill Wyman diagnosed with cancer


It’s a scary time for Bill Wyman. The 30-plus-year bassist for The Rolling Stones just announced through a spokesperson that he’s been diagnosed with cancer.

“Bill Wyman, former member of The Rolling Stones, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is undergoing treatment and is expected to make a full recovery as it was caught in the early stages,” the statement reads.

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Bill Wyman spent 31 years as bassist for the Rolling Stones, taking over in 1962 for Dick Taylor. The oldest member of the group, Wyman was Mr. Responsible in a group of rockstars. Daryl Jones took over for Wyman when he left the band in 1993. Wyman now tours with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings.

Last fall, Wyman recounted the origins of his interest in becoming a performer:

“It became my ambition when my aunt took me to a dance in 1946 when I was 10,” he told “She did the jitterbug with an American soldier to a big band, but it seemed far-fetched to imagine I’d ever be in one – because they were all trained musicians, who’d practised six hours a days for years. Yet I did have piano lessons, and passed a few Royal College of Music exams.”

Growing up “scarred by poverty,” he eventually made a bass by hand that he used to audition for the Stones. The group was impressed by his play and his unusual instrument. The rest is history.

Best of luck, Bill. We’re pulling for you.

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  1. I’m pretty impressed that he made a bass by hand. I haven’t tried that, but I can tell you right now it wouldn’t go well.

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