Randy Meisner’s wife found dead of gunshot wound


In a very tragic story, Lana Rae Meisner reportedly died of a gunshot wound on Sunday, March 6, at her home in Los Angeles. Police reportedly checked on the wife of former Eagles bassist, Randy Meisner, earlier in the evening while responding to a domestic violence call. They left without incident. It appears Lana Rae died hours later.

Radar Online reports that LAPD officers later arrived at the Studio City property following a second call, finding one person dead and arresting a suspect. The police have not revealed the identity of the suspect at this time.

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TMZ reports that Randy Meisner wax taken to hospital on Monday (March 7) after “acting in an altered state”. (via NME)

Meisner played bass for The Eagles from 1971–77. He was also a founding member of country rock band Poco, which formed after the collapse of Buffalo Springfield. Meisner cowrote and sang on the Eagles hit “Take It to the Limit.”

Meisner has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in the past, per Wikipedia:

In April 2015, Meisner and his wife denied rumours that she was taking advantage of his known addictions to alcohol and drugs, trying to force-feed him bottles of vodka to keep him drunk, in response to the singer’s longtime friend, James Newton, filing papers in April asking that Meisner be placed under a court-supervised conservatorship governing both his personal and financial matters. Despite this, three months later, the Los Angeles County Superior Court appointed a temporary conservator to oversee the 24-hour management of Meisner’s drug prescriptions and medical state, after he was diagnosed as bipolar and suicidal. Meisner had allegedly threatened to kill himself, his wife and several others with an AK-47.

When Lana Rae first called the police to her home, she said her husband was “acting erratically” while brandishing a BB gun (via TMZ).

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