Check out the band touring with Goo Goo Dolls and this forgotten 90s hit

tribesocietyNow that the Goo Goo Dolls has announced its 2016 summer tour and new indie band Tribe Society as its opening act, concert-goers everywhere are probably thinking, “Who the heck is Tribe Society?” Think Imagine Dragons crossed with Bastille. Also, check out some other new rock: apparently the rock rap of Linkin Park and Thousand Foot Krutch is making a come back in the new band From Ashes to New, which just released a live performance music video for it’s No. 1 single.

Here is Tribe Society’s top single, “Kings”:

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It’s kind of a mix of electronica and New Age-y pop. The band definitely doesn’t sound anything like the Goo Goo Dolls, which will be an interesting combination at a concert, but if you liked recent singles like “Radioactive” or “Pompeii,” you’ll like this.

Rap rock’s favorite new band releases a live music video:

This is for those who like super intense rock choruses interspersed with angry rapping about break-ups. While the music video itself is super intense, the live one shows footage of a meet-and-greet with the band. From Ashes to New clearly has talent, but whether or not they can successfully produce a full album, only time will tell.

While you’re at it, remember this 90s song:

“Absolutely” by Nine Days will always be an alt rock classic. Not only was the song original and upbeat, the band proved it could deliver its own unique sound without sounding exactly like the other host of 90s rock bands like Matchbox Twenty and Blink-182.T

That moment when you realize the same song has been stuck in your head all week…

This time it’s another Bowie favorite: “Rebel Rebel.” The opening guitar riff is a earworm by itself, but the rebellion-inducing lyrics and all-around confidence booster the song provides definitely make it worthy of being on “repeat” in your brain all week.

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