Weekly Obsessions: 3/1/2016

brianenoHello, March! See you in hell, February. Though my birthday is in the month of February, it’s at the beginning of the month and once it’s over I no longer give any shits. I say, bring on the 50-degree evenings (in Chicago, we call this “car wash weather”) and the first technical day of spring!

Spring is the time for rebirth and growth. Judeo-Christianity has appropriated the pagan symbol of the egg to represent both fertility and the ever-turning circle of life (cue African jungle music).

This month, for me, is all about rediscovery. In addition to listening to a decent amount of new music,  I am going to be exploring the catalogs of artists with whom I have yet to develop an obsession. In other words, artists that I like but ultimately haven’t explored fully.

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I think a perfect place to start would be the work of Brian Eno. Eno got his start in glam-rock group Roxy Music, but quickly branched out and began recording as a solo artist. He’s also quite an established producer, coaxing great work out of Talking Heads, David Bowie and U2, among others. The career of Eno the solo artist seems to constantly be veering between the fey guitar rock of his former band, and more experimental, ambient tones. His best albums (Before and After Science, Another Green World) contain an equal helping of both of these disparate elements. It doesn’t hurt that Eno is an absolutely incredible all-around musician, either. To spend some time with Brian Eno is to leave the established world of rock music behind. Here’s a few tracks to get you started.

St. Elmo’s Fire

King’s Lead Hat

This is just the beginning. There’s his whole Ambient series later on, not to mention his handful of albums with David Byrne post-Talking Heads. Listen to it all! I envy you!

See you next week!

Photo credit: By cosciansky – originally posted to Flickr as Life of Brian, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11935710

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