Ginger Baker Needs Our Good Vibes, Cancels Tour

gingerbakerIt seems rocknuts that Cream drummer Ginger Baker has thrown in the towel. In a post on his official blog, Baker wrote, “Just seen doctor… big shock… no more gigs for this old drummer… everything is off… of all things I never thought it would be my heart…”

A post on Baker’s Facebook read: “To all fans; it is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of all shows. Ginger’s doctor’s have insisted that he have complete rest due to diagnosis of serious heart problems. We hope you will all join with his family in wishing him well. God bless Ginger Baker.”

Like I said, let’s send Ginger our good vibes. 2016 has already brought on the loss of so many important figures. I cannot take the loss of another, especially one of the greatest drummers from the 60’s and beyond.

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Photo credit: By Zoran Veselinovic [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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6 comments to “Ginger Baker Needs Our Good Vibes, Cancels Tour”
  1. As a drummer of 50 years, I must say that you influenced me to play more solid bass notes and crisp snare sounds. “Toad” was an early need to learn and The only bummer is that I never saw “Cream” in concert or you at any venue. Please know this, We all need you to pull through this and smile that “Ijust played my ass off” smile again. Love you man.

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