Get chills reading fans’ most intimate memories of The Eagles


From the DMZ to cruising in dad’s ’67 Impala, we asked our readers to share their favorite memories of Glenn Frey and The Eagles. The results blew us away. You can just feel the emotion in some of these responses. It’s rare that a band could touch so many lives so powerfully. RIP Glenn Frey. Thank you for the memories.

D. Morris: The first time I heard an eagles song I was at the DMZ over in South Korea.

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J. Ireland: I remember around 1980, Alpine Valley, Wisconsin, Eagles backed up by Christopher Cross. They came out around dusk ‘n started off with Hotel California. I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck during the acoustic intro. They brought out Jackson Brown to sing “Take it Easy.” I was 20 yrs. old, being a huge Joe Walsh fan for 40 yrs. It was a night that I’ll never forget. RIP Mr. Frey. To say you’ll be missed I’m sad to say will be an understatement. Thank you for the great music you brought to me and my friends for most of our lives. Diehard fan, J.Ireland

J. Agenbroad: When I saw them for the second time, it was when Hotel California came out. They came on at dusk, the backdrop was the cover of the album and a spotlight was shining like the moon! You heard the beginning cords of Hotel California start and as I am writing this I am getting goosebumps!! Can you imagine being there that night when 30 some odd years later I am affected like that? I love their music! It was such a big part of my life! Thank you Glenn for all the joy that you and The Eagles gave to me and so many others!!!!

R. Freeland: I moved to Trenton, Mich, in early 1971 & had a 1970 Chevelle SS 396 souped up! I got a ticket for Cobo Hall in Detroit for the Eagles doing their first album and Linda Rodstadt opened up for them! Maybe a $4 ticket! It was the best show I had ever seen! I knew they would have a long career together! Rip Glen!!! Forever Eagles Fan!

O. Gonzalez: I remember driving with my dad in his ’67 Impala, listening to Hotel California on the 8 track deck.

M. Kura: I remember playing guitar with the Eagles. I put an album or CD on, and strummed along to songs like “Lyin Eyes”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” which only has 3 chords. Tequila Sunrise was another favorite to play guitar with the Eagles. Saw them in concert in Indianapolis. Propped my feet up on the chair in front of me since I was in the “nose bleed” section, and sang my ass off for hours. What a beautiful time I had. Great memories. Thanks for being the musical geniuses you are. RIP Glen, you will be missed, but your music will live in my heart forever.

A. Rossmell: Driving down to Florida from New Jersey in a VW Bus with my Mom, Dad and two of my brothers best friends for his wedding in February of 1977. Listened to New Kid in Town all the way down on the dashboard radio. Everyone knew the words by the time we hit Florida. Hotel California was rocking back then. Great memories that I will cherish.

M. Steele: My favorite times start with buying my first 8-track of their debut album. Got to see Glenn and the band in Tampa stadium on the bicentennial. Loggins and Messina and Fleetwood Mac opened. They were playing James Dean when the fireworks went off. I was blessed to see them again during the last tour in Lexington at Rupp arena in July. It was legendary! I can’t come to grips with the fact that I’ll never see Glenn again. Rest easy, brother. Your music will live forever.

G. Belcher: Got to see the Eagles in Atlanta. When they all lined up in a row, sitting in chairs and sang Peaceful, Easy Feeling, I did not want it to end. The harmony and the acooustics were perfection! By that time, I was in love with Glenn Frey and wondered if I could take him home with me! That has and always will be one of my fondest memories.

G. King III: I’ve heard the Eagles off and on throughout the years since my parents were fans. One song struck me, and it was Desperado. I heard this fella in the barracks during basic training sing this song while we were on KP. He did rather well with the song. Later on when I did/do hear the song Desperado it brings back memories of a new beginning for me. Love the Eagles and Glenn’s voice. RIP Glenn.

T. Courter: My favorite memory of the Eagles goes back to ’78 during the summer. The Eagles were touring with the Steve Miller Band and Pablo Cruise. Comiski Park in Chicago. We were standing in park, just listening to the tunes and getting so stoned by all that was floating around. So, I’m enjoying the music and between the stage location and the summer sky…damn. First song I learned on guitar was, Take it Easy. Our sincerest condolences to the Frey family and friends. He may be gone, but his music has been passed on by all of our family and friends and will continue until the end of time.

F. Paturzo: I saw them two nights in a row back in 1979 (or ’80) at the Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor. They were so great the first night that I went to the box office and bought tickets to see them again. The first night I was by myself and the next night I took a date. Joe Walsh’s buddy Joe Vitale was the 6th Eagle for those shows. In retrospect, I probably would have been better off going by myself both nights. RIP Glenn Frey.

T. Might: I first heard them on a juke box – had them on 8 track. They will always be embedded in the soundtrack of my life!! Finally went to see them in 2014 – History of the Eagles. The best concert that I’ve seen & remember. Love to the Frey’s & the Eagles on your loss. Bought a t-shirt from the Eagles website yesterday. Glen’s passing hit me hard – tears here & there all week as I hear a song. Your music is forever, Glenn!

J. Robinson: Loved the Eagles since the beginning. Left Flagstaff, Arizona, to head home to Illinois. Just had to stop in Winslow, Arizona, to stand on a corner while the song was blasting for our car. The Eagles made wonderful memories for me, this was just one.

J. Gabbard: When I was 12, I really experienced the Eagles for the first time. Glenn reminded me of a lower-pitched Neil Young. Then there was the profound vocals of Don Henley. I couldn’t believe my ears. The Eagles changed my life and influenced me to start writing my own music. Ever since that day, the Eagles have always been among my favorites of all time.

S. Turberville: Wondering what my dad was listening too growing up… late ’70s early ’80s I was at the beginning of my head-banging stage…. Now, I drive my fiance crazy listening to them … Their music on some lonely nights … Their music with friends … on nights with a few adult beverages singing their songs at the top of our lungs… And old friends when needing to escape for awhile..

R. Crawford: I spent many nights “crusin” my small southern home town listening to the Eagles. Hotel California is not only my favorite Eagles album but my favorite album.

K. Alexander Moon: Playing foosball with my best friend for hours listening to the Desperado album over and over. Loved Dueling Daltons!

R. Roehrig: I remember seeing Eagles live for the first time in 1972, in Philadelphia at the Spectrum. They were the opening act for the British progressive rock band “Yes”! They were introduced as “Los Angeles’s Eagles”! Although the crowd were there to see a different style rock band, (IMO), Eagles Southern California rock style stole the show. They were warmly applauded by the Philly audience. They blew me away that night and they still do! RIP Glenn Frey

D. Whitney: 1978 Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium: I went with a couple of buddies. Dan Fogelberg, Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles. What a show!! The sound and the harmonies were the best. Linda came out and sang Desperado with the boys. Never forget that show. I have been an Eagles fan since Take it Easy, and they have been part of my life for over 40 years. RIP Glenn Frey and Thank You!!

T. Sanderson: I was 14 yrs. old the first time I heard Hotel California, and I loved it so much I played it over and over again until I wore the cassette tape out. Another one of my favorite songs of all times by the Eagles was Life in the Fast Lane. Loved it.

H. Sickerman: Fell in love with a girl at 19 (1974). Eagles music was there to enjoy and took me to comfortable places. When she broke my heart, it was their music that kept me sane, but also made me sad. It was a wonderful learning experience for me in my late teens. Glenn & the Eagles helped me get through those toughest times of my formative years. I still think of her from time to time. She’s long gone but the music never left my life. Thanks to the Eagles. Thank you Glenn

C. Coplon: Never forget our Glen Frey experience at the (should I say one of many) Eagles concert at Rupp Afena, Lexington Ky. We were all down in the bar at the bottom of Rupp Arena before the show that year (my brother, sis-in-law & me & my ex wife) & you had to walk upstairs to use the restrooms of the Hyatt Regency that’s part of Rupp. It was the first tour Glen cut his hair (The Long Run maybe?). We were walking up the stairs and this dude was coming down them & my sis in law, Donna said in a whisper, “look at that guy’s silver shoes!” What a hoot. We laughed, etc. 45 minutes later The Eagles take the stage & Glenn walks out & we both about fall over as it was Glenn & his silver shoes & short hair. Donna was in love with the man & she was right next to him on a stairway & didn’t realize it was the man, which I’m sure many people didn’t. It was Glenn walking around. Great memory!! Prayers to the band & especially the family. RIP Glenn, you were loved by many in Kentucky…..

L. Dawson Ford: Saw them in concert with Fleetwood Mac at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas waaaaaay back there. It was just reaching dark when they sang “Seven Bridges Road.” Chills up my spine. I will always remember their magic.

L. Johnson: I first saw the Eagles in July 1975 in Greensboro, NC. Opening act was Fleetwood Mac. Grew up with every song and bought every album they put out. Saw them again on The Long Run tour and saw them in Raleigh 2014 for the last time. This was my life set to their music!! Every song meant something to me. Every lyric rang true! The music will live on through my memories!! Love each and every song!!!

L. Taylor Stack: The Eagles can harmonize like nothing I have ever heard before. I saw them about five years ago in Phoenix. I couldn’t afford for my husband and I both to go to the concert, so I snuck out of the house went down to the arena and scalped a ticket from some stranger off the street. It has been the best concert I have ever seen by far. When they sing peaceful easy feeling it always brings tears to my eyes. Love them Eagles.

D. Greene: I remember listening to Hotel California at a bonfire while camping outdoors. I also got to see the Eagles on their “Hell Freezes Over” tour in 1995 at Deer Creek in Indy. Great 3-hour show with some of Glenn Freys solo hits.

T. Kennedy: I remember the first time I ever saw the Eagles was at the original Chicago Stadium which was right before they broke up and then when they reunited I saw them at the new Chicago Stadium never a bad show with the Eagles always fantastic!!!

R. Romundstad: I was travelling through the southwest right after high school back in about 1973 or 4. “Take it Easy” came around on the 8-track. I happened to be in Winslow, Arizona, and was stopping for breakfast. I had the windows rolled down at the time and when the part where Glenn sang about “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…” I thought it would be funny (at the time) to get out of the car, which I did. I stood at the corner I was at when those lyrics came up.. I looked for a “girl in a flatbed Ford” and hoped she would slow down to “have look at me.” I envisioned a girl driving some sort of old Ranchero with a wooden flatbed on the back of it. She never did drive by. Still disappointed. I’ve always had a somewhat silly sense of humor. Anyway, for some odd reason, I remember it like it was yesterday. Probably because I have heard that tune thousands of times since then, which keeps the memory fresh.

M. Bradshaw Pawlenty: Back in the late 70’s, my sister and I were moving from Missouri to California and when we hit the high desert in California, Hotel California came on the radio.. I felt like I was living that song. It actually freaked me out… “this could be Heaven or Hell.”

M. Jolliff: It was 1970’s and I was in school. Hearing the Eagles on my radio station was so awesome. As soon as I could, I bought my first Eagles album. It was 1971-1975. I listened to the songs all the time. Things at home wasn’t the greatest, and The Eagles songs really help me sooth my pain. I Love You So Much.

P. Peterson: In 1975, my friend, Sue and I drove from southern Illinois to Winslow, AZ, because of Take It Easy. I saw them in concert three times. One of the concerts was an outdoor concert in Sedalia, MO. Glen Frey dedicated the first song, Already Gone, to Richard Nixon who had been served impeachment papers. The crowd went wild!

D. Lawrence: I remember when I bought the One of These Nights album. Played it so loud my dad turned off the circut breaker. I grew up about a mile from Glenn and went to the same high school.

M. Iacullo: If memory serves me, it was 76′-77′, driving with my mom & I heard the Eagles for the first time. I was 7 or 8. I was hooked from then on. 83-87 were my high school years, The Eagles were such a big part of my life. We wore out the albums & then tape track!! The memories of my life growing up were spent listening to the Eagles!! RIP Glenn Frey

S.A. Maher: Every party you walked into in my little town, Newtown, CT, The Eagle’s were playing. I remember one magical summer evening driving along back roads, windows down, radio blaring along with the peepers in the distance… I could smell fresh cut grass and remnants of coconut suntan oil and singing along to Peaceful, Easy Feeling. My skin was so brown, and I felt so connected to Glenn and dreamed of being in the dessert with stars all around. It was a snapshot into a glorious youth… a turning point from child to woman and just learning about tuning in and turning on… an awakening and Glenn’s voice sang the soundtrack of this remarkable time… Glorious summer where there was no going back. I am still tuning in and turning on, and I will be 55 this May. I am eternally thankful, forever grateful for his brilliance, melodic genius and felt like our souls were interwoven. What I time! What magic! Bless you Glenn ♡

N. Nichols: The first two times I saw them was in Charlotte Coliseum. First time before Joe Walsh, the second after. Each time I saw them (8), they just got better and better. I own every vinyl album they ever released. Don and Glenn’s incredible songwriting talent is what started my career as a songwriter while in Clemson University. The Eagles have been a monumental influence in my music and my life. Bucket list item that will never be fulfilled – always dreamed of writing with the two of them.

B. Lynes: I remember cruising E Street in San Bernardino, Caifornia… The thing to do in the early 70’s every Friday nite listening to “Take It Easy”. Best memories … best songs. RIP Glenn Frey.

S. Scott: Return from Beirut in 1976. We were in the Navy. We came home minus some friends and my leg blasted to smithereens. Laying in the naval hospital and in the background could hear hotel California. One nurse I became friends with did me right. I already had a portable 8 track player. She went out and bought me the album to listen to as long as I did not blast it. We were not supposed to, but when I finally got out and went on rehab we dated and during my comeback I wore that tape out. Desperado is their number one to me though. Still playing most those songs on my own guitar. Glen’s voice on Outlaw Man is unreal.

M. DeMatties: I remember when I was going through a hard time and a person said to me, “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy!” Some of the best advice I have ever received!

R. Hulme: I was living in Bishop, CA, closing up the KFC had the radio on and Witchy Woman came on. I thought what a great song! These guys are going somewhere! That was 1972 I think. The rest they say is history.

T. Taylor: Watching Hell Freezes Over with my eighty year old dad. Seeing the eagles in Tampa in the pouring rain with a sleeping bag on top of us.

J. Hawkins: It was the early 70’s when I first heard Peaceful Easy Feeling… little did I know then it was only the beginning of more awesome music to come. When they broke up, myself along with many others were devastated. And then the future brought them back together and they were better than ever! Playing their original hits along with so many others to follow… for one never knows the time we have on earth nor ever take anything or anyone for granted. Devastated now — it’s truly a understatement. For hell has now froze over… all my thanks and blessings go out to each and every one of them for sharing so many years with us while producing untouchable music the only they could play… for it will never be the same. R.i.p. Mr Glenn Frey

J. Wood: I lived in Memphis, TN, at the time. I had tickets to see the Eagles. I had gone to the lake the weekend before the concert and I got severely sunburned. I went to the concert in a t-shirt and cutoff overalls because they were loose and I wore flip flops because the top of my feet were burned. I wasn’t about to miss that concert! It was so awesome I forgot about my pain.

R. Elkins: First time I saw them they were the opening act for Procol Harem at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville on their Conquistador Tour. A number of songs were memorable but for some reason Witchy Woman seems to stand out. I’m a guitar player and since then I’ve learned a number of Eagles songs. One band I played with recently played so many Eagles songs we were almost an Eagles cover band. I now play with a traditional, old country band and I’ve even gotten them to do some Eagles.

A. Chavez: We were all in our bedroom, at home, when it had played. We all got up in silence and each of us left in our own separate directions!!!

D. Brett: Heard em early, mid, late. Always admired the music. Loved Smuglers Blues with Glenn. The Album cover with all of them sitting on the side of the hotel bed, Glenn in the middle, looking quite stoned. I can picture it. I was born in Cali, so Hotel Ca hits a good tone in my ears. Hell Freezes Over was epic. Went to war on that album in Desert Shield/Storm. Good yrs they gave me, Thanks fellas…

R. Mars: The only memories I have of them, and I am 67, is changing the station when an Eagles song came on. Myself and Jeff Bridges, as THE DUDE, in the movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI……. Hate the eagles!

J. Smith: I have been a fan all of my life. I am 50 and still listen to them every day, and always will, R.I.P Glenn Frey

M. Theil: Whenever I listened to the Eagles, and still do, it always allowed me to connect with myself and that was and is the most peaceful, free feeling I have felt.

C. Anderson: I remember back in 1988 deer hunting and listening to Desperado as I shot a monster buck in freer Texas, I was hunting a fence line.

L. Holmes: Ok 1st show seeing the Eagles was Cal Jam 1, April 1974. On the Border LP. Great show. Jackson Brown on piano. 2nd show L.A. Forum. Hotel California. Full orchestra on Desperado and other songs. My last show 1980. San Diego Sports Arena. A benefit show for Alan Cranston’s presidential bid. Chicago and Linda Ronstadt also played. Wish I would have seen them on recent tours. Thought I would have more time. R.I P. Glenn Frey.

M. Zenobi: Sick in bed with double pneumonia and hearing Take it to the limit for the first time. Song remains with me to this day. RIP. Glennn thanks for the memories.

V. Hartwick: Lots of good memories driving around with the windows down in my truck singing with the Eagles!

C. Rios: I’ve always been a fan of their music since I can remember. I sang in school choirs since 3rd grade through college and love harmony. I guess I was in high school when I first heard them. Tequila Sunrise, Take it easy, Lying Eyes, Witchy Woman, Hotel California, New Kid in Town! I loved making my own harmonies. At the age of 49 we moved to Dallas area. I decided to take guitar lessons and told my guitar teacher I wanted to learn New Kid in Town. So he asked me to sing and rather than sing melody I sang harmony! He was shocked and surprised, so I sang melody and he said okay I hear your voice it’s very pretty when you sing melody!! I was so used to singing harmony every time I sang one of their songs, since harmony was what I always sang in choir! About 2 yrs later, I saw The Eagles live in American Airlines in Dallas! I was in the nose bleed section with their backs to us and a big wide screen right in front of us! The concert was fabulous! They have such a camaraderie between them you could feel the strong bonds of friendship! They did all our favorite songs! They have a section of time where they all do their own solo acts as well. It was during this time I remember Joe Walsh was gonna do one of his oldies, he starts to sing Walk Away, the camera man takes his camera of Joe, just a minute to focus on the expression on Glenn Frey’s face! It was classic, an expression we in choir all know so well, that “your so flat” whimsy in your face and eyes!! I couldn’t help laugh! I thought to my self “that’s alright Glenn we don’t listen to Joe’s song for his singing, we love that guitar! That why he’s an Eagle”! I Loved that concert! You could see Glenn’s great ear for music and his great affection for Joe! God Bless Glenn Frey. May he RIP and The Eagles will live for ever in our hearts !

A. Van Halen: I remember when I use to hear their songs in Mexico in the 70’s

D. Walker: I think when I was hitch hiking outside Winslow, Arizona. Every time I hear that song I think about the couple in a VW van that picked us up, and gave us a ride. Such a simpler time. I grew up and got a real job, but that is something I still am glad I did. Now, I’m so responsible. Haha.

J. Chappell: In the foothills with a couple of buddies, overlooking a lake. Drinking beers and “Take it Easy” blaring from my ’69 Barracuda speakers. Does it get any better?

L. Morgan: I was listening to the Eagles while falling in love with my husband of almost 35 years now

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  1. When I was a teen I the 80’s I listened to the Hotel California album with my headphones on every night to go to sleep to. I still know all the words to every song on the album in order. Glen Frey’s New Kid in Town is my favorite and Pretty Maids All in a Row by Joe Walsh

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