Carlos Santana criticizes lack of local acts in Super Bowl Halftime Show

carlossantanaSuper Bowl 50 was played in an area with rich musical history, and yet the NFL largely ignored that fact when it came to the game’s halftime show, choosing to have three non-local acts perform instead.

The game was played in Santa Clara, California, so it would have been an interesting idea for the NFL to have a show consisting of some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top artists and songs. That’s something that one of those artists, Carlos Santana, feels would have been a good idea.

Santana, who was featured in a highlight reel for the game, posted a note on Facebook Tuesday requesting that in the future, local acts and “real live music” and “live vocals” be given consideration for the halftime show:

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Dear NFL/CBS….I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for including me as a part of your Super Bowl entertainment. I do feel compelled to point out to you that the Halftime Show should have included some of the local iconic bands that the World would have loved to see perform. Bands like Metallica, Steve Miller, Journey and yours truly. We would have rocked the Half Time Show and done the SF Bay Area proud. This is just an invitation for you to consider iconic bands as part of your Half Time entertainment. Real live music, real live vocals, and give the audience real live chills.

Carlos Santana

Metallica, who would have been a strong choice for the halftime show, did play a concert in San Francisco the day before the game at CBS Radio’s third annual ‘The Night Before’ event. Metallica frontman James Hetfield doubts his band will ever get to play the Super Bowl itself.

“The fan base is really wide, but as far as playing halftime for the Super Bowl, I have a feeling that ship has passed,” Hetfield said, via Blabbermouth. “We’re not a variety show. We’re not pop. We’re not sparkly and all that kind of stuff that I think seems to be what is needed for that.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the NFL considers booking local bands in the future. Next year’s game is in Houston, Texas, which is — ironically — the hometown of one of Super Bowl 50’s halftime performers, Beyonce.

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