5 great rock songs for a run

twistedsisterThis one’s for the runners — need some upbeat rock to shake up your playlist? Try these classics for a burst of energy in your next run.

1. We’re Not Going To Take It, Twisted Sister

This is an obvious favorite for running playlists — besides strident, determined vocals and a brisk beat, the lyrics are perfect for anyone pushing up that hill. The hill can’t stop you, because you aren’t going to take it.

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2. Stay HungryTwisted Sister

Twisted Sister scores again with “Stay Hungry” — are you hungry for your best 5K time? If you are, you better stay hungry to keep up with this fast-paced addition to your running playlist.

3. American Idiot, Green Day

“American Idiot” is the running song of all running songs. The frenetic rock song keeps your feet moving no matter how many miles you’ve already covered. Don’t be an American idiot.

4. St. Jimmy, Green Day

Can I just say, Green Day is fantastic for intense runs? “St. Jimmy” is sure to quicken your pace no matter how dogged your jog.

5. City of Hope, Journey

Every running playlist needs at least one longer, epic rock opera song, and what can be better than the uplifting, optimistic “City of Hope”? You can’t be pessimistic about burning calories when you’re running to this Journey classic, you can only look forward.

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