Ministry Bootcamp gives fans chance to go behind scenes with Al Jourgensen


For four days this May, Ministry is giving fans a chance to get closer to the band than they’ve ever been. Dubbed the Ministry Bootcamp, fans with deep pockets can buy a spot as an “enlistee” in the “Ministry Army.”

There are three different levels for enlistees:

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  • Sergeant, $2,000
  • Major, $3,000
  • Colonel, $4,000

Each level will gives fans access to Ministry’s rehearsals, meet-and-greets, dinner, billiards and more. Enlistees will also get a three-night stay at Vegas’s Golden Nugget, food credit and VIP access.

The more you spend, the better your room accommodations. Sergeants will share rooms, majors will get a single room, and colonels will get a double.

Enlistees can also buy extras including dinner with Al Jourgensen, and the chance to drink and shoot pool with him. Check out more package details at Adventures in Wonderland. It’s baldly opportunistic, but it really does give fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Ministry sausage.

Via Loudwire.

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