Third Man Records Lends A Helping Hand To Flint

jackwhiteIf you’ve seen the news lately then you might know what’s going on in Flint, Michigan. You can see the whole situation explained here, but to summarize the crisis, many people for at least 2 years have been drinking contaminated water that’s being piped from Flint’s local river as a temporary water source until a new regional water system will be finished.

What seems to be a growing problem has finally gotten some attention. Jack White and Third Man Records are holding a CrowdRise drive to fund donations toward Flint. While the donation is a great gift on its own, Third Man Records has decided to sweeten the pot.

Those who donate will be entered to win a Platinum Vault subscription. The subscription includes four packages annually containing exclusive vinyl and merchandise, access to exclusive content and their novelties shop, live chats with Jack White, live-streaming of special events, and the opportunity to take advantage of ticket pre-sales.

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The package is valued at $240 per year with a total value $1200.

Pearl Jam and Detroit rapper Big Sean are also holding CrowdRise drives to aid those in Flint.

Photo credit: By White House staff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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