It Seems That We Can Expect More David Bowie

David Bowie’s Blackstar is one hell of an album, not only for fans of Bowie, but fans of music in general. But it seems that Blackstar might not be the last Bowie album/material after all.

According to a report from Newsweek, the Starman had other plans in store. It seems that a number of anthologies have been prepared for release posthumously. According to sources close to Bowie, the first of these releases are scheduled for 2017.

The Newsweek story says these records have “been divided into eras and will not necessarily be released in chronological order. It is not yet known whether they will contain previously unheard work, though past re-releases of Bowie’s work have.”

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Another thing to add — a cast album is in the works for Bowie’s off-Broadway play Lazarus, staring Michael C. Hall.

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  1. Wonder how much Bowie was involved in the anthologies. Sounds like he was working up until the last possible minute. What an artist.

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